Repairs & Maintenance

Find out about repairs and how you can report them.


How to report a repair

Call – 01622 682 535 during office hours

Online – using our Report A Repair form. You can use this form 24 hours a day to report any non-urgent repairs

In person – at our head office. Our office is open Monday – Friday from 9am to 4pm

Tell us – report it to any member of staff if they are visiting the property

Before you report a repair, find out below if we or you are responsible. If you’re still not sure who is responsible, please contact us.

Your repair responsibilities

Our repair responsibilities


What is an emergency repair?

An emergency is something that could cause danger to a person’s health and safety, or serious damage to the property.

Examples include:

  • severe leaks, burst pipes
  •  loss of electrical power
  • loss of heating or hot water
  • blockage of your only toilet
  • if you smell gas
  • broken windows or doors following a break-in

For emergency repairs outside office hours, please phone 07514 452326

If you have an emergency when our office is closed, please make sure it's an emergency before contacting us. See our Out of Hours Emergency Flowchart for more details on who you should call and when. 

For anything else please wait until the office is open, use our online Report A Repair form or use our contact form.