Safety In The Home

Find out more about how you can take to stay safe in your home.

At Accommodation-YES we take the health and safety of our Tenants very seriously. We undertake a range of measures to make sure your home is safe.


What do we do as your landlord:

  • all houses have independent health and safety and fire assessments, supplemented by regular inspections by our staff, including visual checks of fire safety arrangements
  • additional fire risk inspections and fire alarm testing undertaken by dedicated staff
  • we service and maintain fire alarms and equipment installed in communal areas
  • all homes are fitted with mains powered smoke alarms and these are serviced regularly
  • we service your gas boiler annually

What you can do

  • report any vandalism or damage to fire equipment to us
  • help us keep fire exits, stairs, and hallways clear of rubbish or other obstacles
  • make sure you let us in to service the boiler, carry out gas safety checks and test smoke alarms
  • don’t block fire doors or wedge them open


Fire safety in your home

You should familiarise yourself with our Fire Safety Advice. This can also be found on the notice-board of each house.


Following these simple steps will help reduce the risk of a fire in your home:

  • keep exits from your home clear and keys to windows and doors in easy reach
  • keep communal areas, corridors, and staircases clear of large items such as furniture, bikes or rubbish  that could get in the way of people evacuating the building, and could also fuel a fire
  • accidents while cooking account for over half of fires at home. Don't leave cooking unattended
  • don't leave candles unattended when lit
  • don't smoke in bed
  • close all doors at night to help prevent the spread of fire
  • don't overload electrical sockets 
  • switch off and unplug your TV and other electrical goods - leaving them on standby could cause a fire

Find out more

You may also find the following leaflets useful:

ImageFire - make your home safe

Image Fire Safety In Shared or Rented Accommodation

Electrical Safety


As your landlord, we are required by law to ensure your home’s electrical installation and wiring are safe when you move in and that they are maintained in a safe condition throughout your tenancy.

We test and inspect all the homes we manage (and any communal areas) at least once every five years and test and inspect properties before re-letting them to new tenants. We also ensure any appliances we supply are safe to use.

Reporting a problem

You must tell us of any electrical problems as soon as they occur and we will arrange for an electrician to come to your home.


Never carry out electrical repairs yourself

How to keep you and your home safe

  • make sure you know where your fuse box is, so you can turn the mains switch off in an emergency
  • never overload sockets or plug adapters into other adaptors
  • maintain any electrical items you bring into your home
  • never store combustible materials near the fuse box or the electricity meter
  • never store anything on top of a microwave
  • never run cables under carpets or rugs
  • never take mains-powered electrical items into the bathroom
  • always switch off electrical items when you are not using them

If you have any safety concerns about your flat, or about the communal areas of your home, please call us on 01622 324 500.