Looking After Your Home

Find out how together we can ensure your home is well maintained.


Keeping your home well maintained is important. Your rent covers many services and repairs. You also have some responsibilities. Please make sure you are aware of your repair and maintenance responsibilities before reporting a repair.

You can find out more about repair responsibilities on our Repairs and Maintenance page.

Further information

On this page, you will find more information on how to look after your home.

Damp, Mould and condensation


The number one cause of mould in homes in the UK today is under-heating. You will get less mould if you keep your home warm, ventilate properly and minimise the amount of moisture you release into the air.

Mould grows and multiplies in moist areas. It is normal to have some mould growth in winter but, you need to stay on top of it to prevent it getting more serious.

For advice on the steps, you can take, read our handy tips

More useful information for around the home

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