Hostel, Boxley Road

“Love my home and the staff.”

Anon, Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2017

“It’s good. I get to go out on my own. PM 12T”

PM, Tenant, Tonbridge Road

“I like being close to town.”

ML, Tenant, Tonbridge Road

“I like my own space.”

PN, Tenant, London Road

“Very quiet, nice area. Get on with my neighbour.”

RM, Tenant, Buckland Road

“I like having my own independence.”

SC, Tenant, London Road

“I like living here. I get on with the other tenants very well.”

SW, Tenant, Buckland Road

“Friendly people. Nothing to dislike.”

Anon, Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2017

“For me, I really like my home a lot as it’s safe and warm and I also love my flatmates a lot because I love hanging out and chilling with them.”

Anon, Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2017

“Staff are excellent.”

Anon, Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2017

“The neighbours are nice and a quiet area.”

HC, Tenant, Buckland Road

“I like the neighbourhood as it’s near my family.”

CF, Tenant, Tonbridge Road

“Many thanks for inviting us today – very impressed and so was Mark (Dance, KCC Cabinet Member) with the project. Hope all the residents enjoy!...”

Steve Grimshaw, Programme Manager, No Use Empty, Kent County Council

Conveniently situated opposite our Head Office, this 12 bedroom hostel meets all its Tenants needs with wheelchair accessible rooms and bathrooms on the ground floor. The state of the art security system in place at the hostel gives tenants complete peace of mind and each floor includes a bathroom at the end of each corridor and a fully furnished kitchenette. The hostel is very central and only a five minute walk from all the amenities provided in the town centre. 

Communal facilities:

  • Shared teaching kitchen
  • Smoking shelter
  • Bike rack
  • Laundry room with washer and dryer

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