Maintenance - things you pay for

Written on 20th July 2017

Maintenance - things you pay for

As landlords, we look after the following for you:

  • property maintenance
  • communal areas
  • outside and driveways

Things you pay for:

As a Tenant, there are some things you are responsible for. These include:

  • personal odd jobs you would like doing (not essential things) in your flat/room such as moving furniture, putting up shelves, curtain rails and pictures
  • replacement or repair of things you have lost/broken 

For a small cost, we can usually arrange for these jobs to be done for you and can provide you with replacement keys for which you will be charged for.


  • £8 for half an hours work
  • £16 for 1 hours work
  • £15 to replace a lost front door key
  • £10 to replace a lost post box or safe key
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) £30 per flat

The above prices are an estimate only. Please contact the Landlord on 07514 452326 for a FREE quote.


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