Home Safety - Fire Kills

Written on 19th October 2016

Lighted Match

Every year 60,000 fires occur in homes across the UK - many of the deaths and injuries that happen could be prevented. Fire is something nobody likes to think about, but it can happen to anyone.

You can reduce the risk of a fire in your home by being safe and careful in the kitchen when cooking. Watch the video below and see how the cartoon character Dan Doofus learns the hard way how to prevent cooking fires.  



And remember to do a simple bedtime safety check.

  • All unused electrical equipment (TVs, games consoles, laptops, smartphones - anything that uses a mains or USB charger) is unplugged
  • Any cigarettes are properly put out
  • Portable heaters or electric blankets are switched off
  • Ovens, grills and hobs are switched off

And if you have not seen how quickly fire can spread, watch the video below.





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