9 Ways To Prevent Trips and Falls At Home

Written on 15th December 2016

One of the most common places where falls can occur is in your very own home. Learn how you can correct everyday hazards and protect yourself from trips and falls in the home.



Getting up too quickly from a bed or chair can make you dizzy. Get up slowly and steady yourself before moving


ImageExercise regularly to improve strength, balance and co-ordination


ImageRemove loose rugs placed on top of fitted carpets or use double-sided tape to secure them to floors


Image Long cords for lamps and telephones should be fixed to walls, not snaking along the floor where people can trip over them 


ImageMove frequently used kitchen equipment/food to easier accessible shelves


ImageNever use a chair to reach high shelves



ImageImprove indoor lighting with brighter light bulbs. It’s safest to have general lighting in a room. Add lamps to darker areas


ImageAsk your doctor or pharmacist to review your medicines. Some can make you sleepy or dizzy


Image Have your eyesight checked at least once a year and wear glasses if you need them.



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