Gathering Information: Listening & Understanding

Written on 17th May 2017

Gathering Information: Listening & Understanding

As landlords, we often need to collect information from our Tenants. This could range from taking certain details at the start of their tenancy such as a mobile phone number or email address, to listening to their ideas and concerns at Tenancy Council meetings or receiving comments on feedback cards and via yearly surveys.

Why do we ask for this information?

Some basic contact information is needed from everyone in order to complete their tenancy agreements and help them to complete forms for Housing Benefit and Council Tax support. 

We gather other kinds of information by listening to what our Tenant's tell us. This helps us to offer a housing service that's tailored to meet their needs. If we understand what is needed we can deliver a good service and offer greater value for money. 

We've put together the diagram below so as you can see why we gather this information and how we use it.






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